Message from CEO

We both founded SOUKI Co., Ltd. In August 2014 after a long-time company employee.

We were not as young as Jobs and Wozniak, but we had the passion to start a company and the various connections in Japan and China that we had cultivated over the years.

The various connections, we call “EN(縁)”.

This “EN(縁)” allowed us to form a partnership with a copyright agent in Beijing and to sign a basic sales agreement with a trading company in Anhui Province to begin trading with China.

In response to a woman‘s request to create her own Japanese face mask, we launched our first face mask, “Kyokuchi Suhada(極致素肌)”.

Now We have established a relationship with one of Japannese cosmetic ingredient manufacturers, and we have also established relationships with many more OEM companies.

Linaeus is a new Brand of cosmetics born from these connections“EN(縁)”.

As we enter our ninth year of business, we hope to further expand this brand not only in Japan and China, but also worldwide.

Hitoshi Yagi
President and CEO
August 2022