Linaeus is a symbol of the seeker in search of beauty.

It is a new Brand for the creation of cosmetics that began with one woman’s comment,

“I want my Japanese cosmetics that are unique to me and that I have thought of myself. “

What she wanted was very simple.

The first cosmetic should be a face mask,

because she wants her face to always looks young.

Secondly, the serum must be gentle,

because she has sensitive skin.

Finally, formulating special ingredients

 that have never been used in face masks before.

We created a special team (consisting of cosmetic ingredient manufacturers and OEM companies) to research her request and chose melon placenta as a special beauty ingredient.

The first face mask melon placenta formulation,

Kyokuchi Suhada(極致素肌), was launched in Japan and China in 2017.

Melon placenta(Melon Phyto Placenta Extract)

Melon placenta is an extract of placenta cells cultured from melons.

The melon placenta (the fluffy part around the seeds)

 is rich in various amino acids and is a popular moisturising ingredient in ageing care,

which is the care of moisture and elasticity according to age.

Placenta extract, which is an extract of placenta from mammalian placental animals,

is known to have remarkable medicinal effects,

such as skin roughening cosmetics, whitening cosmetics, hair cosmetics, pregnancy line formation inhibitors, etc.

Placenta extract includes amino acids, peptides, nucleic acids, vitamins and the like.

since bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), a so-called mad cow disease,

has occurred in Japan,

Consumers are worried about the use of placenta extract made from animal placenta.

Consumers want to avoid animal-derived ingredients if possible.

For this reason, there is a need for a plant-derived drug that has the same medicinal effect as an animal-derived placenta extract and can be used without health concerns.

Placenta is translated into placental “placenta” and plant “placenta”.

The plant placenta (plant placenta) is where the ovule inside the ovary is attached.

The ovary is a part of the pistil of the seed plant,

which is an enlarged portion in contact with the bottom of the style, and contains an ovule.

The ovule is the female reproductive organ of the seed plant.

The plant placenta (plant placenta) extract was expected to have an effect equivalent to or higher than that of animal-derived placenta (placenta).

The Second chapter of the Story,

The owner of an Onsen Ryokan in Wakayama, Japan, wanted to sell a face mask

 using this melon placenta and Nanko plums, a speciality of Wakayama.

In 2022, a new face mask with the name Linaeus is born here.

The new Linaeus Face Mask contains the beauty properties of Nanko plums and melons in a face mask, and we hope you will feel the luxurious moisture, this time on your skin.